What we have achieved so far

• We have purchased & secured 2500ha of land and permanently changed it from agricultural land to High Conservation Value (HCV)
• We have financially compensated all small Farmers that operated without papers or permission on the land
• We currently employ 57 people to clean and guard the existing trees and prepare previously logged sites for planting. We hope to add more employees.
• We have ongoing extensive community training to raise awareness and teach the people of the importance to protect our forests.
• We have stopped dozens of illegal logging operations and are happy to report that no more illegal logging was witnessed this year.
• We have studied the land and acquired a well-balanced and diversified set of seedlings to return the forest back to its rich bio-diversified past
• We have placed signs all around the property to inform local communities that this is now a protected area and no more farming or logging is permitted within the area. This is fully supported and enforced by the local Government.
• Farmers that have operated primitive farming on the HCV Concession will receive 2ha of farm land and financial support for planting


Much more needs to be done and with your help we can make this world a better place

“My life story grows on trees, where will your story be?”
Delia von Rueti – Founder of Love & O2

About Love + O2

In 2016, I donated 2500 hectares of land with the dream of building the first tropical rainforest park to be enjoyed by generations. I’m not linked to any NGO or other Charitable Organisation. This is simply my donation to the country I love. We sell our merchandise in the knowledge that all the profit from each one bought will help protect, plant and maintain the park.

Actions speak louder than words. Even if you believe your contribution doesn’t change anything, remember that with 7 billion little actions we can make a huge difference. Through my project I aim to inspire people to help in every little way they can. Starting from adding a plant to their garden, or joining us and helping to finance our cause. If every person in Indonesia pledged to plant just four trees in their lifetime and protect them, we would have our 1 billion trees planted.

With my humble heart as a private person, a wife and a proud mother of three, I’m not here to attack anyone. I’m here to help shine a light through a dark tunnel and ask you to join me on this journey to take a better care of our wonderful planet.

I hope my campaign will grow and reach every corner of Indonesia, as well as the rest of the world. With your help, together we can make our goals of the future a reality of today and leave this planet in a better condition than we found it.

Our Action

Indonesia holds the third largest area of rainforest outside the Amazon, and Africa’s Congo Basin and is the most species rich country in the world, with thousands of species spread out over 18’000 islands that exist nowhere else. Making it essential for us to speak out and try to save them. Indonesia has an ecosystem that is vital to be protected for the benefit of the whole world, and we hope that people around the world will take responsibility as well and help support what is vital to all of us.

Love and O2 is not like any other environmental protection organisation you’ve seen before. Many organisations we have come across that work to protect rainforests do not own the actual land. We are convinced this is vital to guarantee the long-term success of such Programs. Because relying on promises from local or national Governments does not guarantee long term success, since they continuously change with the election cycle and with it their laws and regulations.

Integrating the local community is key, as they need to benefit and find alternative sources of income to that of extracting resources from the forests. We can’t except the poorest members of society to implement and support environmental protection, when their very livelihood is fragile and lacking economic progress.

Because of this, Love and O2 has developed a platform that employs the surrounding villages to work within our project and plant and protect our trees. Fulfilling their income needs and diverting their income strategies to something beneficial for our environment.